It occurred to me that it has been a while since I’ve remembered to ask for an oracle. Whenever I’m going through a challenging time, it seems I am more keenly aware of spiritual matters. As the ebb and flow of life experience brings me back to calmer waters and I feel more at peace, I can easily let the business of activity distract me from what is meaningful to me. At least there is hope in the realization that I can always be conscious to what I am focusing on at any given moment and intentionally slow down, allowing my awareness to shift.

I went on a morning walk this past week and the trail presented me with a reminder of the divine. There is a greenway a few blocks from my condo and part of it follows a stream that is thickly lined with mature trees, offering a cool reprieve from the heat of the summer. A patch of sunlight was streaming through a hole in the branches above. The rays were shooting down, straight and defined beams coming in at a slant and ethereal looking. The contrast of light against the darker shade caught my attention. It instantly activated the sense that I am connect to a Source larger than myself, followed by the affirmation that this Source is always there and generously available if I will just take the time to let it register in the myriad of ways it manifests in daily life. I purposefully walked in and out of the beams shining through, recording the sensation of heat from the sun and cool of the shade, enjoying the instant way the rays warmed my face.

Today is August 21st and I am anxiously anticipating the eclipse that will be happening later this afternoon. I have been caught up in the buzz of excitement surrounding this phenomenon that happens every 100 years in my neck of the woods. Because of living in Charlotte, I am pretty close to the “path of totality” and I have my ISO compliant protective glasses at the ready. And of course, I am also curious about what this event might bring to light on a deeper level. I just want to be open.

May I remember to ask for oracles on a daily basis and freely bask in the wonder of life, so evident in ordinary and extraordinary events alike.