Come into Being with Happiness

What do you write when you feel like you have nothing to say and you have not felt inspired in a while? It’s been cold for the past week, so I haven’t been comfortable being outside much, and that adds to the lack of vigor. It’s a normal part of the ebb and flow of life, as there are moments of expansion and contraction, moments of stillness.

Perhaps the message is to just be.

I often joke with clients that we should eliminate the word “just” because when it is placed before an intention or as part of a suggestion (i.e., just let go or just relax), it implies that the corresponding change is simple and easy when in fact it is not.

The word “be” is actually in the Dictionary of Word Origins by Joseph T. Shipley. It says, “See fetus.” “Fetus” states that the root fe- means to produce offspring, and that it is akin to the Aryan form bhwe-, from bheu-, to come into being; whence the English word “be.”

“Fetus” in the Dictionary of Word Origins also says “See turmeric.” In the discussion of the word “turmeric” is another tidbit about the origin of “fetus.” It states that, “…fetus is related to felix, felic-, happy; whence felicity and felicitations.”

So, my take away:  to come into being with happiness. Not such a bad goal when I circle back to having nothing to say.