Lilies of the Field

Lilies of the Field

A few weeks ago I went up to Henderson, NC to spend the weekend with Dawn D., the artist who creates the beauty under the Meditations tab on this website, and her handsome husband Tim, a wonderful man and talented photographer as well. I felt happy, anticipating the fun ahead of me. 

North Carolina is a beautiful state. Driving up the highway, I was treated to big patches of yellow, red and purple poppies thriving in the medians. Every year these plants start as a seed and turn into a beautiful expression of color and life. In comparison to other life forms, a flower’s life span is pretty and short. There are wild flowers that bloom in a field or mountain side and are never seen by a human eye. And yet, they follow their destiny and express their purpose. 

I was struck by this miracle that I take for granted. The simplicity and immediacy of a flower says a lot. With the necessary ingredients and environment, the seed breaks open into a small plant, grows and develops, finally unfurling into stems, leaves, buds and eventually a flower. I want to have this kind of faith in myself. To believe that, like a flower, I have the ability to trust in and express the blueprint of my unique DNA. Just thinking about the word trust is making me feel grateful. As I was contemplating what to write about for this week’s blog, I was feeling pressure. I’ve been too busy lately, and I’m feeling it:  disconnected, irritable, empty. Dawn D. and I were texting, as is our habit many mornings, and she sent me a picture of a thistle she took yesterday on her shooting adventure (and posted on June 9).  And there was my answer of what to write about. 

I’ve seen flowers in medians many times since my visit with Dawn, and each time I do, I’m reminded of what is in my custody:  a command to be my fullest expression of self. Since I was raised in the Christian tradition, the phrase, “…consider the lilies of the field…,” (from the verses in Matthew 6:28- 29) would ticker tape across my mind. It is a Bible verse that I heard quoted many times throughout my life. The verses before and after talk about trusting that, like these flowers that just grow, we can trust that we have a purpose, to not worry about our basic needs and to put our spirituality first. 

When I view my life in context of the millions of years the Earth has been in existence, the 80 or 90 that I may be on this planet are fleeting. I am humbled that, like a flower or blade of grass, I am here today and gone tomorrow. I want to be able to hold both this humility while at the same time taking inspiration in from a poppy and a lily and dare to dream that my life can be the miraculous expression of something beautiful and worthwhile.