I took a walk this morning along the light rail near my house. I came upon a landscaper who was mowing a section of grass for an apartment complex. The ground was dry and he was kicking up a lot of dirt on his big riding mower. He saw me coming toward him and stopped, but the haze of powdery ocher had already been created. I held my breath and quickly darted through it. A few minutes later, I passed a construction site that was located on the other side of the tracks. Already busy with activity and industry, again another cloud of dust came wafting towards me. The second assault on my lungs caught my attention. What is the oracle behind dust for me today?

A word study on “dust” in the Dictionary of Word Origins by Joseph T. Shipley says “See February.”  “February” tells me to look up the word “month.” What stands out to me as I read about the month of February are references to the early Greek words for smoke, spirit, and then God, theos. Then English later gives us the word “enthusiasm,” meaning “God within one.” In Sanskrit, the word dhuma means smoke, whence the English word “dust,” “…for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return” (Genesis 3:19).

Dust. It is such a common, every day element, and nevertheless here it is speaking to me of Spirit. Like dust, I was feeling ordinary and dry this morning, burnt out. I never would have connected enthusiasm with dust, but enthusiasm is in the origin of the word. And it makes me smile that it is. The deeper message here is that I can celebrate and wallow in being ordinary because the very Matix of Wonder can be found whispering encouragement to that place within me. Simple things can be transformative when I allow them to be agents of change. Plain old dust reminded me that I am an expression of the divine. It also makes me feel excited about how much more there is to experience. Anything and everything is fair game for teaching me and expanding my awareness about this beautiful life.