Yesterday was Wednesday, and I was excited about going to a morning yoga class. I hopped in my car, turned the key, and nothing happened. 

I’m going through a big life transition right now, and I was staying at a friend’s house. My car is fancy and new to me. I dread daylight savings time because it means dragging out the manual and spending 30 minutes just to figure out how to change the clock either backward or forward an hour. I had put my purse in the trunk because I was anticipating going to class, and apparently I had just enough juice left in my battery to open it once, but not twice. My friend had jumper cables and offered to help me, but I sheepishly admitted that I had never even looked under the hood before. After finally figuring out how to pop it open, neither of us could find the battery. 

I felt out of control, anxious and upset. I reluctantly accepted that I was not going to be able to go to yoga.

The reason I couldn’t find the battery is because it is in the trunk of my car, not under the hood. After the tow truck driver enlightened me to this fact, he jump it, and my dead battery cranked right away. 

I had already scheduled a block of time to do paperwork that morning, and my partner called my 11 am client, who graciously agreed to come an hour later. That allowed me to drive my car to Valvoline, order a new battery to be delivered later in the afternoon, and walk to work.

I realized then that this “bad” event that was happening was really the Universe taking care of me. All car batteries eventually wear out, and thankfully mine expired yesterday. I had extra time, it wasn’t raining, and my friend had the day off so I could borrow her phone to call a tow truck. My partner leaves early on Wednesdays, and she volunteered to walk and pick my car up for me and then drop it off at work. I was planning to go to Greensboro this Saturday for the day, which is an hour and half drive from Charlotte. What if the battery had conked out then, at 5 pm on the weekend as I was about to return home? The only negative consequence, other than the expense of a new battery, was that I did not get to take my yoga class. Instead, I enjoyed the 15 minute walk to my office on a beautiful, crisp morning. 

It’s worth being open to seeing the bigger picture and putting all events into perspective.