Personal Legend

According to Paolo Coelho’s book The Alchemist, we all have a personal legend. My book club read this recently, and I think I am the only person in the world that didn’t really like this bestseller. It’s because I’m not clear on my personal legend and it feels like a lot of pressure to have to find it. Or perhaps more accurately, I’m scared to admit that I want to be a writer.

I have always found that journaling grounds me, helps me connect to myself. I feel more alive when I write, more inspired. I like Julia Cameron’s idea, from The Artist’s Way, of writing morning pages. First thing, just simply write three pages of whatever is on your mind. Clear the brain and “take out the trash,” hash out a problem, or write something inspirational, whatever is needed for that morning. So morning pages will be a tool I continue to use, no matter what. 

It is writing beyond my personal journaling that stumps me. And then a really neat thing happened this past weekend. 

I get a lot out of looking words up in the dictionary and meditating on the meaning, really delving into the depth of a word. I also have a Dictionary of Word Origins, by Joseph T. Shipley, a reference tool that explores the history and origin of words.  I was doing one of my searches on the word “ordinary and following the trail. Ordinary led to “augment,” augment said see auction.  In the word study for “auction,” one of the origins of that word is “author.” 

We live very close to the Panther’s stadium here in Charlotte, NC, and it was Sunday afternoon. The Panthers were playing the Lions. Right as my eyes landed on the word author (and it even had an exclamation point after it too!), I heard the distant roar of the crowd at the stadium. The synchronicity of those two events made me smile. It felt like The Universe was playing with me. The fans cheering for their team at the same exact time I was reading the word author gave me butterflies in my stomach and encouraged me to dare to believe in my dream of being a writer. 

Why not?