Weeds II

Last week I wrote about a sweet experience I had with tall weeds and grasses (see post dated October 4), and it made me want to explore the literal word “weed” a little further. My Dictionary of Word Origins had no entry on it, so I went to the on-line Oxford dictionary. There I found the definition “a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.” I explored four words that jumped out at me from this definition:  “wild,” “growing,” “wanted,” and “cultivated” (I’ll leave the “informal Marijuana” part of the definition for a future post on April 20th, ha).

While I got tidbits out of my deeper inquiries into the four words above, it feels tedious to write about my happy trails into all of the origins and definitions. So instead I’ll pick the frontrunner. A word that showed up often in my research was “till.” What also came up, literally, because I was using the internet, was a link to a video produced by Lowe’s on how to cultivate a plot of land. As the infomercial explained, fertile soil is the foundation to any successful garden project, and plant beds need rich, loose and drainable dirt to ensure root growth and abundant crops. The video demonstrated how to use a cultivator or tiller to achieve optimum soil conditions and other factors to consider, such as checking for utility lines before digging, assessing for additives like gypsum or sand if needed, and finally, letting the ground rest before actually planting anything.

In short, there is a lot of preparation required.

This is the next challenge in my transition to a new garden in my life. A giant “baby” step, if you will. I’m specifically tweaking my career right now because it involves letting go of working in partnership with my ex. I came to this final decision a few weeks ago after months of soul-searching, discussions and consultation with mentors. And the hardest step of all, actually telling my ex. I don’t know what I expected, but her loving, kind, and supportive response to my need was surprisingly healing. It also gave me some insight into how hard it has been for her to initiate breaking-up, as well as compassion for the courage she has had in taking that leap away from me in the past. I am now thoughtfully considering all that my choice entails.

I’m not sure exactly what seeds I want to plant yet, but I am starting to till the ground for my future.