The day you discover your purpose never comes a day too late, It will take you by surprise and completely change your fate. The life you had been living may no longer have appeal, As you've reached the understanding that in order to truly live You are going to have to do more than think; You are going to have to love and feel. What is your dream and passion-- do you know what it's all about? Have you asked yourself these questions? Are you tired of living in doubt? You want more than a life without a meaning, More than just dreams without a name. Your soul has finally found its calling. You will not live your life in vain. The reasons have all changed now, the goal is crystal clear: This moment is the only thing that's certain, the time to change is here. Today you have decided that your dreams are yours to keep. Your wings are ready, it's time to fly and with this new found hope you take the leap.