I think we have all been there at one point or another, we have all lived in that moment when we feel that we can no longer endure what we are going through. We are convinced that we cannot go on another day or take another step in the direction we are headed . We feel defeated and unworthy-- hopeless even. We look around at our current circumstances and wonder how or why we ended up where we are. Our knees have buckled, our foundation has been rocked- we have hit rock bottom.  But somehow in one way or another we manage to get back up, nurse our skinned knees and bruised souls and keep going. We refuse to be defeated by our circumstances and we make the conscious decision to look at life in the face and boldly commit to push forward. Our resiliency and belief in ourselves carries us into places we thought we would never go and do things we once thought were impossible. We get past the hurt, defy the odds and come out on the other side with a new found perception and respect for our own abilities and strength. The fight may not be over and the tides may not have completely turned but we have discovered within our hearts a glimmer of hope that we never knew existed and with this we fight, we overcome, we take the next step.  

It's true, words fail us sometimes and they may also hurt like hell, they can destroy friendships and bring about pain and discomfort but most of the time words heal, they convey hope, they communicate love and kindness and instill faith. Words give meaning and they remind us of why we must go on and move forward. Words provide solace and give the gift of forgiveness, and yes they might fail us and betray us but more often than not they save us. 


A real girl.  One who dares to dream and gets up after she falls, a girl who learns and hopes and grows. She believes in others and in herself, she loves, she laughs, cries and forgives. A girl who understands that being imperfect is what truly makes her beautiful and that her strength is born out of her weakest moments. She is not just a survivor she is a warrior, a thriver a one of a kind spirit with a beautiful soul. A real girl.   


When you leave, you begin to understand the worth of what you walked away from. You discover that walking out is not always equivalent to closing doors. Sometimes it means leaving them half-open for the journey back. It is not a virtue possessed by the easily contented. It has always been the beaten down path of the brave.

One fine day, it will be your turn. You will leave homes, cities and countries to pursue grander ambitions. You will leave friends, lovers and possibilities for the chance to roam the world and make deeper connections. You will defy your fear of change, hold your head high and do what you once thought was unthinkable: walk away. And it will be scary. At first. But what I hope you’ll find in the end is that in leaving, you don’t just find love, adventure or freedom. More than anything, you find you.